Clip and Go Self-Fastening A-frame Box

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The A-frame box has been used for training running contacts since Rachel Sanders made her DVD on the subject, Reliable Running Contacts, in 2008. The purpose of the box is to provide a large target area for the dog to land in before leaving the A-frame. Dogs have the ability to extend, collect, and re-balance themselves to reach a defined location. The A-frame box shows the dogs where that location is.

The A-frame box is made out of PVC connected with 3-way fittings at the corners that raise the box off the ground when you are doing the foundation training away from the A-frame. Over the years, people have used an assortment of bungee cords and clips and other methods of securing their A-frame boxes to the downside of the contact. Now there's an easier way!

The Clip and Go Self-Fastening A-frame Box stays in place with pressure, or friction. You pull the sides of the box away from each other, fit the box over the contact, slide the rubber tips over the sides of your A-frame, and just let go. The shock cords inside the box retract and the box stays in place. 

When you need to use the box on the ground for foundation training, there are O-rings on the top and bottom pieces that you slide into place so that the box stays open.

The Clip and Go Self-Fastening A-frame Box is made from 1" and 3/4" PVC.