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**Due to the large number of orders our current delivery time for contact obstacles is approximately 14-16 weeks**


 The A-frame up contact is the most severe impact our dogs experience on an agility course. Imagine the benefit to your dog if you could reduce that impact!

The Clip and Go Cushioned A-frame has a 5/8"-thick layer of energy-absorbing foam under the entire running surface, which creates cushioning to reduce impact—the faster your dog, the greater the benefit. In a simple drop test (watch the video), we measured a 25% reduction in G-force at impact with the cushioned A-frame surface vs. the same surface covered with just a layer of rubber. 

Like all Clip and Go products, the A-frame is engineered for safety and ease of use, and designed to perform just as well outdoors as indoors.

Note: A small amount of assembly is required.

A-frame Features

  • All aluminum frame construction to reduce weight and maintenance.
  • Alupanel/composite panels with 5/8"-thick layer of energy-absorbing foam plus rubber surface.
  • Wet-pour UV-stable rubber surface (1/8" to 1/4" thick) provides maximum traction and conforms to AAC, AKC, ASCA, CPE, UKI, and USDAA regulations.
  • Adjustable height (lowest height possible is 4 feet when using optional wheels).
  • Easy-to-read and easy-to-use height-changing hardware.
  • Works indoors and outdoors on any surface.

Optional Wheel Assembly

The Clip and Go A-frame is available with an optional wheel assembly. 

  • Large wheels (6" diameter, 2" wide) make the A-frame a cinch to move on any surface,outdoors or indoors.
  • Super simple to use: Just step on the lever on each side to put the wheels down, roll the A-frame to its new location, then pull the lever up on each side to put the wheels up.

Note: These wheels are designed to work only with this A-frame; they cannot be purchased separately.

A-frame Technical Specifications

  • Panel size: 3' wide x 9' long
  • Contact zones: 42"
  • Weight per side (no wheels): 99 lbs. (foam adds approx. 13 lbs. to each panel)
  • Weight per side with wheel assembly: 128 lbs.
  • Pre-set apex heights: 5'0", 5'3", 5'6"

Choose Clip and Go... Because Safety Matters! 



 Important Shipping Notes:

  • The Clip and Go Cushioned A-frame is shipped directly from the manufacturer in Michigan on a single pallet The pallet measures 112" X 42" x 13" and wheels 335 lbs (with wheel kit). This item cannot be expedited. Any other items you order will be shipped separately. Please allow 14-16 weeks for delivery for blue or purple A-frames, and at least 16 weeks for a custom color.
  • Commercial addresses are those defined by the freight company as commercial sites. Typically these addresses are zoned as commercial real estate. The fact that a business is being operated from a location does not qualify it as a commercial address. Any business being operated from a home, apartment, or other dwelling where people live on the premises is considered to be a residential address. 
  • If you choose the residential or commercial delivery option, please supply us with a daytime phone number so that the freight company can contact you; someone must be present for the scheduled delivery of the A-frame. When your A-frame is shipped, you will be emailed a phone number to call to find out when the A-frame is scheduled for delivery.