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size: 9.00 W × 17.00 H × 2.50 L
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New version of these tunnels bags now are even longer creating more overlap of the velcro. They'll work great on all sizes of tunnels!


Clip and Go Tunnel Bags hold your tunnels securely in place no matter what surface you're running on—matting, grass, artificial turf, sand—and whether you're indoors or outdoors. You'll find that with Clip and Go Tunnel Bags, you can use far fewer sets of bags to keep your tunnels in place, which means less weight to haul around and fewer tunnel bags to buy!


The low-profile, triangular design offers many advantages over traditional tunnel bags:

  • Creates a low center of gravity for excellent stability
  • Allows the bags to slide under the curved sides of the tunnel so the bags act as wedges, cradling the tunnel and preventing movement
  • Not only keeps the tunnel in place, but also ensures the bags don't creep forward past the tunnel opening where they can obstruct the dog
  • There's less surface area for handlers to accidentally trip over or for dogs to run into if they hit the side of the tunnel

Here's the full feature list and specs:

  • Triangular portion of the bag is 9" high.
  • Bottom of the bag is 17" long by 7" wide and is flat so that it makes full contact with the running surface—and more contact means better weight distribution and more stability.
  • Bottom of the bag features heavy-duty rubber gripping nubs (like sports cleats). 
  • 18" ultra-wide two-piece strap spans two wires on a 6" pitch-tunnel, fitting snugly but not constricting or changing the shape of the tunnel. It's also impossible for ring crew to accidentally overtighten the bags and compress the tunnel.
  • Designed so that all individual bags are completely interchangeable when creating pairs; there is no left side and right side bag required to put a pair together.
  • Made of mildew-, rot-, and UV-resistant plastic coated vinyl (PVC).
  • Padded, reinforced grab handle on each bag for easy lifting. 
  • Heavy-duty, industrial-strength, mildew- and rot-resistant Delrin zipper to seal in weight bags.
  • Designed to fit a 24" and now 26" -diameter tunnel.

We recommend filling the Clip and Go Tunnel Bags with pea stone. You want 30 lbs. of weight in each bag.


Packaging: Price includes two Clip and Go Tunnel Bags that connect together (enough for one end of a tunnel).


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