Breeze: Capturing the Heart of Dog Agility (Book 1)

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"Weave,” Kate said, in her most positive and encouraging voice. Breeze hit the weaves and Kate ran alongside of him, “Weave, weave, weave, weave,” she said as he pulled through and out the last one.
“Yes!” Kate raced to the tunnel, willing Breeze to take the far entry. He did it. Kate felt herself tense. Her heart was pounding.
We just might do this. We just might do this...

When Kate buys Breeze, a black and white border collie puppy, he soon becomes the center of her life. And when they see agility for the first time, both Kate and Breeze are hooked.
But Kate is still struggling with a pain-filled past. She wants to stop grieving and start living again, and now, with Breeze, has come a glimmer of hope. Agility may just be the ticket to a bright new life for the two of them.


About the Author
C. S. Bills writes surrounded by four agility dogs, including two very smart Border Collies. She and her husband, Mark, run Highest Hope Dog Sports, a dog agility training center, and Clip and Go Agility, an agility equipment business. Breeze is the first of Bills' "Capturing the Heart of Agility" series. 


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