Trainer's Edge Dogwalk

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****Due to the popularity of our contact obstacles allow approximately 14-16 weeks for delivery***

The Trainer's Edge Dogwalk is a full size competition agility Dogwalk. After designing and testing for over 2 years we're ready to offer this exciting new contact obstacle. The Trainer's Edge Dogwalk offers many of the same great features of our original Dogwalk but at a lower cost. 

Each plank is made in two pieces making it possible to ship it directly to you via UPS ground, saving you the hassle of accepting freight, and saving a bunch in shipping costs.

Our unique design offers these great features:

* Wet-pour UV-stable rubber surface provides maximum traction and conforms to AAC, AKC, ASCA, CPE, UKI, and USDAA regulations.

* There are no gaps in the rubber for the hinge pins, so there's nowhere that a dog's foot could be caught up.

* Adjustable height   23"-48"

* Easy to move with just one person, either indoors or outdoors, rolling and spinning on its 5"-diameter locking swivel wheels.

* Tunnels can be placed anywhere underneath the planks without obstructions that could potentially harm a dog while he's in the tunnel.

* Easy to remove end planks for storage


Available options:

* Travel brace, this brace holds the end plank up making it even easier to move  (see photos)

* End Plank Support, we recommend you add this option if your dog weighs 40+lbs (see photos)


Note: If you are a club or business offering training or trials to a wide variety dogs we recommend you purchase our original dogwalk. It is better suited for commercial use.