Naylor Heavy-Weight Competition Agility Tunnels-6 meter - ***SHIPPING INCLUDED***

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size: 27.00 W × 19.50 H × 27.00 L

Clean Run and Clip and Go have been testing tunnels from US and overseas manufacturers for more than two years. Because of their good footing for the dogs, quality of the fabric, overall durability, and ability to keep their “roundness” when other tunnels started becoming egg-shaped, we have chosen to import Naylor tunnels from the UK for our customers. 

The heavy-weight competition tunnels are 25" in diameter with a 4" pitch so they meet the equipment specifications of all US agility organizations. The supporting 3.86mm spring steel wires are heat-welded in place and enclosed by a heat-bonded thick PVC scuff strip extrusion. There is a heavy-weight ring enclosed in PVC at each tunnel opening to provide additional structural integrity.

These tunnels are made from heavy-duty 18oz/ft PVC fabric (610gsm) that is flexible, durable, and provides excellent traction (the fabric is more "rubbery" feeling than in US tunnels). Two contrasting color strips are welded down the length of the tunnel.

The 25"-diameter, 4"-pitch tunnel is available in 2 lengths:


Pitch Length Weight
6" 4 meters or 13.12 feet 35 lbs.
6" 5 meters or 16.4 feet 42.5 lbs.